We have partnered with The Wot-if Trust? Since its inception in 2013, The Wot-if? Trust has supported numerous businesses and community based organisations in Diepsloot. This social enterprise focuses on Business Development, Women’s Empowerment, Youth Advancement, Technology and Greening/Conservation. Emerging entrepreneurs are empowered with skills, opportunities and resources to income generating possibilities with a mission to enhance livelihoods for Wot-If? participants towards a better Diepsloot with the #Diepsloot2030 movement. We have chosen the Diepsloot community as an area where we harness opportunities for young people and women. This community represents an aspirant group of people who are entrepreneurial in spirit, embrace technology, innovate to solve problems and have great hopes for their futures. Amid the poverty, violence and chaos is a bustling community, an active economy full of hustling and trading and a place much loved by its inhabitants.