CSMART – Subscription and Monetization Solution

cSMART is a cloud enabled Subscription, Monetization solution, catering to Enterprise, Cable and Digital service providers with Subscription or transaction based models.
This highly agile system enables full life cycle from Lead to Cash using Self Onboarding CX through fully integrated CRM, Multi-level integration capabilities through MOM, and fully integrated BRM solution.

The solution is designed for real time enquiry, Self-care capability through intuitive user interface and loaded with Analytical capabilities for Comprehensive Reporting.

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Field Power

Field Power – Work Force Management Solution

FieldPower is a Comprehensive Work Force Management Solution with advanced features not found in any other competing application – advantages that make your investment much more valuable.

FieldPower is a very effective service management software which is highly flexible and scalable for a wide range of service companies providing an automation solution to manage field workforce. Fieldpower’s mobile service software can be used in multiple devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, psion, intermec, slates, notebooks, tablets, laptops and slates.

FieldPower is a leading commercial Field Service Management solution that is currently utilized by large to medium size business in many regions, works across multiple time zones and languages around the globe.

One of the primary attributes of FieldPower is the ability to optimize service operation efficiencies through picking the right technician, with the right skill, at the right time, with the right equipment and parts at the lowest cost per job. Allocating the right resource of manpower and material with optimized routes is accomplished with a complex proprietary algorithm that adjusts with client configuration in the application.

FieldPower offers numerous benefits by reducing customer missed appointments, cutting down cost by improving the ratio of repair time to drive time, service levels, improving internal efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

FieldPower is available either as a hosted application or as an on premise application, according to client requirements and preference.

Why FieldPower

  • Unparalleled Dedication/Commitment to service Industry; FieldPower has more than 30 years of industry and technology experience globally by its People, Products and Process
  • One Stop Shop–Offering Comprehensive Solution, Off-The-shelf capability with limited customization and vast integration capability that will clearly be a biggest advantage that our solution has over its competition.
  • Pioneers at Best Practices in Field Force Management solution across various verticals with many implementations in Telecom and other industries globally.
  • High QoS& Low CoS – High Quality & Low Cost Service Offering through our Global capability & extensive Technology Experience. Our expertise in implementing similar solutions itself is a demonstration of Quality Standards we maintain while executing projects.
  • Intelligent Scheduling & Dispatching (ISD) helps substantial cost savings can be achieved as a result of reduced gas consumption
  • Increasing Ratio of Technicians Vs Dispatchers and Decrease the Learning Curve of Dispatchers and Technicians
  • Unparalleled Dedication/Commitment to Industry with 30 years of IT/Product Development experience and Technology market Place by its People, Process and Procedures.
  • Global Experience Local Execution: Access to virtually global development workforce capable of ramping up/down seamlessly with Rapid Application Framework models.
  • Multilingual and Internationalization- Supports Multilanguage and localized to work in many continents, North America (English/French), Europe, Asia Pacific& Middle East (English/Arabic).
  • Multi Time Zone- Supports customer and Technicians crossing Multiple Time Zone inclusive of Day Light savings.
  • User Friendly and intuitive, quick and easy learning to use the system
  • Secure Web based environment, easy upgrades and enhancements
  • On Premise and Cloud based offering

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DNIF – SIEM Security and Big Data Analytics Platform

DNIF is a SIEM security and big data analytics platform that can ingest, parse, enrich large volumes of data and bounce back with actions using complex rules within seconds.

DNIF allows you to partition one data infrastructure and enable multiple teams to solve many challenges. Here are some typical use cases:

  • Log management, cyber threat hunting and SIEM
  • Machine data analytics for IOT
  • Application log monitoring and forensics
  • Operations, fraud and risk analytics
  • Real-time transaction analytics

DNIF makes it easy to have multiple users working and solving different problems using the same data layer.

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Artelus – AI Based Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

We are working in the Deep Learning space to solve healthcare problems. We seek to make products, which would complement the knowledge and assist the clinician in making faster and accurate diagnosis.

Diabetic retinopathy affects over one third of all people with diabetes and is the leading cause of vision loss.

Our AI Product Diabetic Retinopathy Screening System is an novel and cost effective screening tool for identifying presence of Diabetic Retinopathy with a Sensitivity and Specificity above 90.


The Most User-Friendly Cloud DMS in the World

Keeping your paperless office documents only on your computer or local server poses the risks of hard drive failure, fire, flood or burglary. And what if you want to access one of those important files away from the office? Meet Folderit. The ultimate online document management system for small businesses and organizations, the most user-friendly DMS in the world! We didn’t bulk it up with features real people never need. So, you can find the documents you need much more easily!

Access Control & Office 365 integration

Share documents, folders, sections or even the whole account with different permissions (Previewer, Viewer, Editor) to anyone you like. Create groups of collaborators to share to many people at once! Work collaboratively in Office 365 apps. While Audit Trail logs every change and even file previewing, providing accountability

Powerful Search With OCR

A powerful live-search function is built into our cloud document management software so you can search documents not only by the file name and metadata, like keywords but also the content of the files thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. PDFs, Docx files or even screenshots and photos of documents are now thoroughly searchable!

Approval Workflow & Automated Retention

Does an invoice, vacation application or another document needs to be approved by one or several people before the next step? Not a problem! Invite people to approve and add their comments. In fixed order or all at once. It’s never been easier to get and track approvals!
You can also set an optional retention period for any of the folders and files — in days, weeks, months or years!

Notifications & Audit Trails

Set and get automatic notifications for changes in documents, folders or sections as often as you choose — at the moment of the change or as a grouped notification once a day or week. Whenever someone adds a file, deletes something, etc. you will know who did what, and when.

Associate Files & Add Metadata

Signers, notes, date and due date to help organise your documents. You can easily add your own metadata fields! You can also associate files to create relations between documents in different folder structures that belong together. It’s easy in Folderit cloud document management software.

File Versions

You can upload a new version of a document and preserve the existing metadata and all earlier versions of the file — which are always easily recoverable with just one click! A document check-in/check-out feature allows you to lock a document for others while you are editing it on your computer.


Whenever you need a notification at a certain date and time, just set up a reminder! You can add as many reminders as you like and choose a different e-mail address for notification on each of them.


For each of your account roles you receive a dedicated e-mail address. Just send/forward an e-mail to that address and the attached file will end up in your Folderit Inbox. It couldn’t be any simpler, and it’s perfect to store documents on the go!

Roles or Sub-Accounts

Although you can create unlimited hierarchy under your primary account role, you can actually add up to 5 additional roles! So, you can have one for your company or its divisions, others for you personal needs, clubs or whatever to share with the relevant people!

Mobile Friendly DMS

Your documents in the Folderit online document management system are accessible to you from every PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. All over the world.

Local Backup Too

Your documents are stored in a secure cloud and are perfectly safe, yet if you wish, you can easily download the whole account or individual files/folders to your hard-drive as often as you like for your local backup. Folderit Sync is a Windows desktop application that allows easy data syncing!

Safe & Secure

All your data is triple backed up and bank-level encrypted in the Folderit cloud document management system where it’s safely stored and is sent via secure SSL layer. You can also customize password policy for your team members, so they can only choose extra long passwords and need to change their password as often as you wish.